About GoalControl Replay

When GoalControl-4D uses its seven high-speed cameras per goal to determine whether the ball has passed the goal line, it´s the fans that want to see the proof. Where replays from TV-cameras cannot bring clarity how the ball was positioned relative to the line, GoalControl-4D has all the information: The real camera sequences from all 7 angles that can be replayed. But the even more important information is the accurate 3D-position of the ball every 2 milliseconds.

The module GoalControl-Replay was designed to deliver in real-time the visual proof of the goal event. The system automatically renders a 3D view of the ball on a virtual pitch without any time delay. A virtual camera then moves across the pitch and shows to the spectators with a unique view, right at the goal line, if the ball really has passed the line or not. All this can be broadcasted to the fans at home or shown on the big LED board in the stadium.