About GoalControl-4D

The system GoalControl-4D is the premium goal line technology on the market that works with all balls, all goal frames, all goal net types and -colors.

It is the result of restless development and countless hours of testing the system´s accurate ball detection and tracking function under all weather conditions. Tests that included all football types, different pitch grounds, various types of goal nets and game situations.

How it works

The GoalControl-4D system works with 14 high-speed cameras (7 per goal) around the pitch at the stadium roof/catwalk. The cameras are connected to a powerful image processing computer system which tracks the movement of all objects on the pitch and filters out the players, referees and all disturbing objects. The remaining object is the ball and the system knows its three dimensional x-, y- and z-position with a precision of a few millimeters in the coordinate system of the pitch. When the ball passes the goal line, the system sends a vibration- and optical signal to the officials´ watches. Of course, all camera images of such goal event, and also of all near-goal events, are stored and can be replayed anytime.

Technical data

  • 7 cameras per goal
  • up to 500 frames per second
  • Accuracy of goal detection: up to 5 mm