Aachen/Eschweiler, August 21, 2017 – Simon Rolfes and Dr. Markus Elsässer have increased their commitment in goal-line technology: Just in time for the start of the new 2017-18 football season the Eschweiler-based company "S. Rolfes & M. Elsässer Technology GmbH" have wholly taken over GoalControl GmbH. "The goal-line technology is already well-established in the top soccer leagues and there's more and more interest among //lower division// minor leagues. GoalControl is one of two companies to offer this technology and being licensed by the world football governing body Fifa. We believe in the further digitalization in football. This will be more and more important," said Rolfes.

The 35-year old former football international, who acquired GoalControl company shares already in May 2016, is deliberately relying on high-performance technology "made in Germany". "Aachen is a very interesting location for engineers - it is the European Silicon Valley counterpart so to speak."

French football league relys on GoalControl

Already since the 2015-16 season, the GoalControl system is successfully being used in the French Ligue 1. "During the past few months we have taken another big step forward with the system. We have worked intensively on the camera technology and the speed of the data transfer. Thanks to GoalControl the referee can see on his watch almost see in real-time if the ball was in or not," explained Rolfes, who pursues ambitious goals: "We offer a top-line product that is continually refined and enhanced. Of course it is our goal to become market leader and to establish GoalControl in the German Bundesliga."