LONDON, 16/06/2016

ChyronHego and GoalControl have today announced a strategic partnership within the sports technology market. The partnership is to leverage both companies' computer vision technologies, as well as to grow their combined solutions in sports tracking and sports regulatory assistance. In addition to technical collaboration and closer integration between their mutual products and technologies, the companies will also be partnering operationally within tracking and regulatory assistance to take advantage of the knowledge and experience that each company has in respective domains.

Speaking about the partnership, GoalControl Chairman Bjôrn Lindner said: "We are very excited about working in close collaboration with ChyronHego moving forward to explore many of the shared visions we have in new innovations within sports technology. Together we believe that our combined efforts will realise some truly ground-breaking developments in the future"

Commenting further on the goals of the partnership, Ian Wray, ChyronHego's Sports Director EMEA said: "We see a lot of synergies both technically and operationally moving forward for working together with GoalControl in expanding our sports technology solutions both in player and ball tracking applications, as well as in regulatory assistance. Through our combined efforts in these areas, we firmly believe that we will be able to deliver to the sports market some amazing new capabilities for our sports customers as well as expanded operational services.