At the member's assembly of the league association the clubs and the corporations of the Bundesliga voted 15:3 in favour of introducing the goal line technology as of season 2015/2016. GoalControl GmbH also took part in the open and non-discriminitory tender of the league association – in the end the contract was won by a competitor.

Dirk Broichhausen, the MD of GoalControl GmbH commented: ‚we welcome it very much that the Bundesliga has decided on this forward looking step. The forthcoming introduction of the technology in the ‚league of the World Champions' is certain to atrract a substantial follow-on effect at international level. We have been convinced ever since the decision was made by IFAB in the year 2012 that the technology would catch on in the biggest leagues in the world in the long run and that it would be put into operation on a large scale. We wish our competitors lots of success in supporting the Bundesliga in the next 3 years!' Broichhausen continued: ‚naturally we regret that we as a German organisation did not win the tender, but of course we completely respect the decison of the DFL bodies in charge and we would like to express our thanks for the constant constructive dialogue and the professional manner in which the highly competitive tender process was carried out.'

‚It goes without saying that we will continue to show a big presence and we will do our best to win future tenders and leagues with our system, that has already proved itself at the World Cup.' The ‚GoalControl-4D' system that received the official FIFA license in February 2013, has so far successfully been put into operation at the international tournaments FIFA Confederations Cup 2013, the FIFA club World Cup 2013 and also the FIFA World Cup 2014 (TM) and will also support the referees at the forthcoming FIFA club World Cup 2014 from the 10th December onwards in Morocco on behalf of the World Football Association.