Two weeks after the completion of the FIFA World Cup™, the governing body of world football FIFA has given a glowing assessment of the use of the goal-line technology (GLT) in Brazil. This means the technology with the camera based system GoalControl-4D enjoyed an exceptional premiere at the FIFA World Cup™, during which GLT was used successfully in all 64 games.

The acid test was in the match between France and Honduras, when the referee decided on a goal thanks to the help of GLT. Apart from that, the technology helped the officials in other testing situations, especially for Bryan Ruiz's goal for Costa Rica against Italy, which brought back memories of Frank Lampard's shot in 2010. GLT was also used during the extra time periods and penalty shoot-outs, including for the penalty by the Dutch defender Ron Vlaar in the semi-final against Argentina. If Vlaar's penalty had crossed the line, the system would have alerted the referee that it was a goal even though this would have been irrelevant, as the shot had already been completed when the ball skimmed off the player's shoulder and rolled towards the goal line after the goalkeeper had blocked the shot.

In addition, spectators in the stadiums and watching on TV were also able to witness the benefits of the technology as replays of critical incidents were shown to give visual confirmation of the "goal" or "no goal" situation. All in all seven further critical situations were made clear without any doubt in this way.

Dirk Broichhausen, the MD of GoalControl GmbH, had the following to say about the use of the technology: "After all, we managed to prove the capability, the reliability and the added value of our system in 10 situations for the referee and the spectators. This has shown the world how useful this technology is and has convinced a lot of people. We have seen this in the impressive amount of positive reactions and international inquiries during and after the FIFA World Cup™. I am proud of the team, that for the most part worked very well for several months in Brazil and also a big Thank You to the FIFA officials for their confidence in GoalControl."

GoalControl now has a few exciting months ahead of them, because a lot of decisions will be made on a lot of projects. Broichhausen concluded: "We will do everything in our power to continue the success of the World Cup in other tournaments and leagues. Germany are the World Champions, GoalControl is the system from the homeland of the World Champions. ‚Made in Germany' has made its mark again and stands for the future."