The New TIVOLI stadium in Aachen now boasts the "FIFA Quality Pro" seal of approval awarded to stadia fitted with the FIFA World Cup™ goal-line technology system "GoalControl-4D". The arena, home of Alemannia Aachen, is thus the first in Germany to be fitted with a FIFA-certified goal-line technology system following its official launch on 14 April.

GoalControl, a company based in Würselen, near Aachen, had implemented various preliminary plans with a view to the upcoming FIFA World Cup™. This concurrently allowed for the certification of the stadium to be confirmed in the interim, ensuring no financial burden fell on the fourth-tier club itself.

With the adoption of goal-line technology (GLT) into the rules of the game on the directive of the International Football Association Board (IFAB) in June 2012, final installation tests and the subsequent certification are now obligatory conditions for the use of goal-line technology in official competition matches in each stadium. These mandatory tests, performed and adjudicated by the British research institute Labosport UK and by the supervisory board of world football's governing body FIFA, were successfully met by the TIVOLI stadium, opened in 2009, in March 2014. In matters relating to goal-line technology, therefore, Aachen's stadium now complies with the same standards as the arenas that are set to be used at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. To make sure that the technology can be used in the regional divisions, for example the regional league games of Alemannia, you need to have an appropriate link to the rules of the competition. The club and the company will get in contact with the relevant departments of the associations to put this into motion.

"We are proud that the TIVOLI stadium is now the leading light among football stadia in Germany," said Alemannia Aachen's Chief Executive Alexander Mronz. In the last few months, the club in the regional league west, as well as the stadium's holding company, have been receptive throughout to the innovations of GoalControl GmbH, whilst also providing vigorous support during the installation phase at the Tivoli stadium, now one of 30 FIFA Quality PRO stadiums around the world.

"As an organisation specialising in technology in the metropolitan area of Aachen, the TIVOLI stadium's presence means that we have a traditional footballing stronghold in the neighbouring area," explained GoalControl's Chief Executive Dirk Broichhausen. "In that sense, therefore, it was a logical step for us to erect our visitor-, education- and development centres there." Further innovations in the field of camera-based analysis- and entertainment systems in sport are set to be researched at the site. "We will be able to welcome decision-makers, of which there are certain to be many, from the world's top football leagues, who wish to convince their clubs of the value and performance level of our GoalControl-4D system by implementing it in their own stadia."

World governing body FIFA announced on 10 October 2013 that it had commissioned the Würselen-based company GoalControl GmbH to provide for the use of goal-line technology at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. The company will implement its GoalControl-4D system, which uses 7 high-speed cameras placed around each goal, in all 12 host stadia, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation at the most important and prestigious tournament in world football, which takes place between 12 June and 13 July.