FIFA General Secretary Jérôme Valcke has announced on 10 October, that apart from awarding the contract for goal line technology ‚Goalcontrol-4D' for the FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil™, the goal-line system ‚GoalControl-4D' will also be put into operation at the FIFA Club World Cup 2013 in Morocco (11th – 21st December 2013).

The tournament will take place in the stadiums in Marrakech and Agadir, where UEFA Champions League winner FC Bayern München will also be taking part and will be the first German club to play in an official competition with goal-line technology. This means the world football association is making sure there is a sense of continuity by making use of this technology, after GLT was first introduced at the FIFA Club World Cup in 2012. IFAB decided on the 5th July 2012 that this would be allowed within international football. Dirk Broichhausen, MD GoalControl GmbH, commented: ‚we are looking forward to this special football event, the confidence FIFA has shown in us and also to working together in the coming weeks and months. Morocco will certainly make for a special atmosphere. The fact that FC Bayern München will be the first Bundesliga team to play a game, whereby goal-line technology is in operation, makes this tournament a historic event.'

The ‚GoalControl-4D' system, that obtained the official FIFA license in February 2013, is based on 14 high speed cameras that are arranged around the pitch and are focused on both goals. The position of the ball is continuously and automatically recorded in three dimensions (X-,Y- and Z-coordinates) as soon as the ball is near the goal line. When the ball completely crosses the line, the central evaluation unit sends a encoded signal to the referee's receptor watch within less than one second.