GoalControl GmbH, of Würselen, Germany, in cooperation with GoalRef™ as the provider for the referee watches, has been selected by FIFA for the installation of its goal line technology system GoalControl-4D in the Confederations Cup 2013 in Brazil. The FIFA Confederations Cup 2013 is to take place from June 15th to June 30th this year in the stadiums of Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Fortaleza, Belo Horizonte, Salvador and Recife.
„We look forward to having the opportunity in this competition to offer our goal line technology system, a new tool to assist referees", states Dirk Broichhausen, Managing Director of GoalControl. „We believe that this will be an important milestone for the breakthrough of goal line technology in international markets. Brazil is a special place for setting such milestone: It is the homeland of the record world champions of football, and is renowned worldwide for the spirit that its talented players bring to the game, a spirit, that creates unforgettable matches by itself, where emotions from ghost-goals are not welcome."

The system GoalControl-4D, which received the official FIFA-licence on March 1st, 2013, uses 14 high speed cameras that are mounted in elevated locations around the pitch and focused on both goal mouths. The ball's position is continuously and automatically captured in three dimensions (X-, Y- and Z-coordinates) when it is close to the goal. If the ball crosses the goal line, the central processing unit sends an encrypted radio signal to the referee's watch in less than one second.
„The unique features of our system are the outstanding flexibility and accuracy. All current goal posts and white goal nets can be used without any modifications. Additionally, GoalContol-4D can be used with any existing ball", emphasizes Dirk Broichhausen. "As an option, the system records the camera images from each goalmouth event for replays and calculates virtual 3D sequences of the ball movement.
These images can be viewed from any virtual camera view point in order for spectators to see for themselves if the ball has completely crossed the goal line."

For the FIFA Confederations Cup 2013, GoalControl has an agreement with GoalRef™ to use the same referees' watches in Brazil that were thoroughly tested during the FIFA Club World Cup in Japan. "The watches are the element that connect the goal line technology with the referees, so our intention was to offer a device that international referees have already tested and know from experience the ease of operation and reliability.", adds Dirk Broichhausen.